The Lives We Impact

We have found we make the most impact on young adults ages 13-18.

At first most of our participants  

demonstrate frustration and disappointment at life and seem closed to  positive energy of any kind.  They appear to have lost faith and confidence in people and they have zero self esteem.

As a result most of our interviews are meet with a very quiet young adult that even as we speak of the wonderful journey they are about in embark on they are emotionless and seem to discard every word we say.

Ring of Redemption​


25 November 2015

louise Vyent-Give A Kid A Dream provides at-risk-youth a chance to turn life around.

We help inner city youth in their formative years.  We work to instill confidence through boxing training, tutor to help with school work and provide a safe haven for our participants.

Our goal is to help make participants champions at life!

Click Apply above and use the contact form to reach us or call us

at 212-244-6166.

After application is received and interview process takes place for possible placement.  

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The program is difficult in that the boxing training is vigorous and the tutoring is real work.  We believe that most of our participants have never  been challenged or put to task. 

As the participants progress and make it through the long Saturdays of work we find the walls they created by their life experience starts to fade and a wonderful and more happy young adult emerges.

From there we push like heck to see how far we can make them reach.


Bruce Silverglade & Perry D'Alessio

27  November 2010

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