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gleason's give a kid a dream inc.

​​                A NON PROFIT CORPORATION

Established in 1991, Gleason’s Gym “Give a Kid a Dream” has worked to provide mentorship to disadvantaged youths through the sport of boxing.

How to Apply

Complete the online application

A copy of most recent report card.
One letter of recommendation from your teacher, guidance counselor, or school administrator.
Brief Personal Statement responding to the following: Tell us in your own words about your interest in boxing.

School information must be submitted as well as address and phone of counselor. 


Youth ages 13-17 are eligible to apply if they:

·         Demonstrate an interest in boxing

·         Commit to attending session for one year (no exceptions)

·         Meet the income eligibility guidelines (The family’s household income must be within the limits defined by the NYS free/reduced lunches listed below.



Eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview, at which time:

·         One parent/legal guardian is present.

·         Proof of household income in the form of IRS tax return(s) from all legal guardians is presented (If you are unable to provide tax returns, proof of receiving EBT, section 8 or other forms of public assistance may prove eligibility)


Classes begin and end on time. Please be prompt after second lateness you will be sent home instead of spending the day with us.

Parents must notify the office in advance by phone or email to excuse a participant’s absence.

Parents will not be notified if their son or daughter is late or absent.
In addition to the gym being available daily, participants are required to show up on the designated training day” to work with their boxing trainer in order to stay in the program. During this two-hour session they undergo training that closely mirrors the training that professional boxers undergo on a full-time basis. This training includes, but is not limited to;

Shadow boxing, Sit-ups, Rounds on the punching bags, Hand-eye coordination exercises with a speed ball, Moving drills, Jump roping, Controlled sparring against peers in the program

(note: sparring is an optional exercise and not required for participation in the program.)

Success in the program is not measured by how well participants learn to box but rather by how well they develop themselves mentally and use their newly acquired discipline to redirect the course of their lives in a positive way. Successful participants are the ones that find new confidence in themselves. Ultimately, personal development is the name of the game and also the type of success that Gleason’s is most proud of recognizing because it's what leads the child to success in life.Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. Help us change that.


Proper etiquette 

Dress properly 

No cursing 

Be respectful to adults and trainers

Don't bring your friends to hang out in the gym. They will not be allowed in. 


Mandatory tutoring begins once participants are committed to the program. Our tutors discuss school and academic challenges and create a personalized learning plan to best support each participant. 


Of course wear workout attire and we will provide you with all that is necessary to be a successful participant.


Chewing gum, iPods, MP3 players, laptops, CD’s/ DVD’s, electronic devices, knives, firearms, matches, lighters, or expensive cameras to the program. Cell phones are not permitted to be used in the gym; they must be turned off or set on vibrate. Gleason’s Gym and its staff is not responsible for lost or misplaced smart phones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronic device owned by the participant


Occasionally members will attend trips that are scheduled through Gleason’s and will be attended to by our entire team. 


Successful participants will be welcomed to our annual four day summer camp.  Boxing, Swimming, row boating, fishing more, and more and more.


Gleason’s Gym is located at 77 Front Street in Brooklyn

Subway: F train to York Street or the A \ C to High Street


Participant social media sites will be monitored and kept clean. Being in this program means you are a reflection of Gleason’s, we aim to inspire, motivate and provide opportunity. We ask participants to put positive energy out and be a role model  for others.

Give A Kid A Dream has a Facebook page, which announces news and updates to participants, parents, and the community.

To join, like us on


To work our hardest to make your time with us life changing! 

If you are interested in applying to be in the Give A Kid A Dream Program, feel free to use the form below to give us your name and contact information as well as briefly giving us a little background on yourself, where you're from, where you go to school and why you feel you qualify for the program, and one of our staff members will contact you.

Apply To GAKAD

Thanks for submitting!

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