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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The Give A Kid A Dream Program Has and will always be proud of all of our members. We want to share their stories with everyone. So they can inspire others as much as they have inspired us to grow and learn. To start I would like to introduce a member who never fails to make us proud. He has just graduated high school and the program. He is an ideal example of what the program stands for and luckily he has chose to stay as a youth leader. Here is his story:

“I’m Christopher Huot and I’m a youth Leader for Give a Kid a Dream. Being a youth Leader requires you to be trusting, passionate, and powerful, which are all character traits I believe I’ve developed since I was a little boy. Teaching young kids how to box and defend themselves means a lot to me because I wish I had this program at my disposal when I was their age. Boxing is a sport in which the person with more heart and intelligence has the upper hand. Knowing that you possess both of these attributes can be a huge confidence booster for these young people, who sometimes come from households where low self esteem is normalized.

I was brought into Give a Kid a Dream at a time in my life that I needed it the most. Low self esteem, constantly in and out of trouble, low grades, the list goes on. I had finally found a place where I felt the love that I thought was missing. I was happy to not only be a part of something, but to have new friends who cared about me. The program has changed my life in numerous ways. From my networking skills, to the way I treat people and look at others. Give a Kid a Dream isn’t JUST a boxing program, it’s a place for kids to feel comfortable and develop life skills. With the amazing people we have to guide these kids, Gleason’s Gym has become more than just a gathering place. It’s a home.”

By Christopher Huot

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