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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

“I am Elijah Reddick. I’m from Brownsville, Brooklyn, the trenches- cornflakes and water. I rise to whatever challenge is in front of me. I’m an athlete, I’m intelligent, but If you know me you know I’m spontaneous. I see myself as flashy but classy. Most importantly, I wouldn’t be in boxing if my brother didn’t face the fate he did to the streets.

Some of my favorite memories at the gym are boxing moments. I remember the day after I won my first fight, Coach used my achievement to show my team what they could achieve through hard work. He even gave me the space to share my story and how I came into Give a Kid a Dream, showing me that my voice matters.

When I went upstate to boxing camp for the first time, I was able to showcase my talent in front of people I never met before. During the sparring show I wasn’t nervous, I felt in control and dominant the whole time.

My biggest goal is to fight in the Barclay Center one day as a professional. One of my favorite boxers, someone I look up to, is Adrien Broner. He knows his worth and doesn’t care what other people think of him. He remains who he is- and I will remain who I am.”

By Elijah Reddick / Tommy Martinez

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