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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

“Whenever I’m asked to talk about myself, I go straight to my elevator introduction! I’m Nalo Herrera, an 18 year old rising senior pursuing my BA in political science from Hunter College. I’m a graduate from New York City College of Technology with my degree in Computer Science.

I am currently working at Mount Sinai with MSHP - Mount Sinai Health Partners - in the IT department. I’m an artist, data scientist, graphic designer, and boxer. Boxing has been with me for practically my whole life. My father’s trainers, Brother Oliver and Sister Diane, taught me self defense before I came to Gleason’s Gym. This gym and program where the next steps foe me to fully realizing my aptitude in boxing.

I joined Give a Kid a Dream after I was robbed at gunpoint when I was 11. After that incident, my self confidence went to an all time low. Give a Kid a Dream was the program my mother found, and placed me into. GAKAD helped me realize my self confidence, it helped me get fitter, and it helped me gain confidence in my skills in boxing. GAKAD was the monumental stepping stone I used to enhance myself. Without confidence, not much is achievable. The gym gave, and still gives me, a place of refuge. My mentors in the program really became a second family.

This program was truly needed in my life, without it, I don’t know what could’ve became of Nalo. As of now, I’m pursuing my BA in political science, so I can get into Law School and become a Patent Attorney. That’s my biggest goal.”

By Nalo Herrera

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